Concrete mixing station pre-operation instructions 1, concrete mixing station must be formal and professional training, no rules no standards, manufacturers in operator training, not only to let the staff to master the correct method of operation, but also the need for construction and performance of the machine full of knowledge and understanding so after concrete mixing station operations to better maintenance and upkeep. 2, during the concrete mixing station just started work, must not be overloaded with work, pay attention to the concrete mixing station time, the amount of reasonable deployment, concrete mixing to prevent iso certificate small capacity mobile concrete batch plant overheating caused Master time continuous operation appear, and mixing station as heat the phenomenon is relatively common, common in use also must pay attention to the reasonable precautions. 3, inspection of concrete mixing station is essential, attention often look at the functioning of the various instruments, abnormal and should be eliminated promptly stop, the reason is not found in the fault is not eliminated before the end of the job should immediately; regular checks lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil (water) usage, and to pay attention to check the tightness of the machine. Cleaning Precautions concrete mixer 1, do regular quantitative maintenance work, such as cleaning, lubricating, refueling 2, concrete mixers must be checked before use each controller is good, and stones into the water after the suspension was stirred cylinder 10 to 15 minutes cleaning, then water and out. The operator shall enter such as stirring barrel cleaning, in addition to cut off the power and remove the fuse outside, and shall lock switch box. 3, removal of accumulated not only cleared when the better concrete vibrators sieve concrete with a chisel concrete mixer barrel with a large hammer beating method, must be removed with a chisel. 4, in the cold season, after the work is completed and the application of water to wash the mixer drum pumps, water tanks, water discharge pipes inside the net, so water pumps, water tanks, water pipes freezing. Step by step implementation of concrete mixing station installation  Excellent concrete mixing station equipment, first-class brand, our concrete mixing station equipment as domestic common, the relationship one of the common building materials equipment, the time of the excellent products for concrete aggregate. Do concrete mixing station equipment together, help users to very good development in the building materials industry. I prompt the user manufacturers, concrete mixing station must do a two-step process means accurate.     Why device can not be careless careless concrete mixing station it! Because mixing station device quality is good or bad, will directly affect the life of the mixer and efficient production, so that means a good mixer is a very severe very important job. Dongyang said two processes mainly refers to: a base unit and the robotic device.     Base device: should first concrete mixer steel bar straightening and cutting machine should be installed on a concrete base qualified. When the device should be revised level, adhere to the level of work equipment to ensure smooth operation mixer can be a long, outside in the device not only to meet the operator to leave the machine repair space, but also to other related equipment to leave to meet distance, can not affect the work of other equipment and repair.     Machinery equipment: Equipment V-shaped pulley device. Specification Request: big and small V-shaped pulley device, the wheel width relative displacement of the plane of symmetry is not greater than 2% base pitch. ; Parallel axis is not more than 6 ‰. Therefore, when the device must view this request, perhaps you can use a ruler to see the end face of the cable size v-shaped pulleys relative displacement, if necessary, move the motor track, so that the end face of the insistence of two V-shaped pulleys in the same plane. V-belt should also have the right initial tension, usually in the middle can be pressed with the thumb.